Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stories from the past

There are so many stories I can pluck from the far reaches of my memory.  So, what one do I pick, and why would I pick a certain memory?
I often look back in my childhood and think how much easier I really had it,  never worried about playing outside until the street lights came on and that was my clue to head inside.  Never had to worry about getting a razor blade in an apple when I went trick or treating.  We always left our car doors unlocked when I went grocery shopping with my mom.  We never had computers but our days were filled with lots of laughter.

The other day I sold a new stove to a family and found out that they live on the street right behind my house and their son that was with them goes to the grade school about 7 houses up from mine, so I said to this couple, " wow, he should just cut between houses to get to school."  For a moment I forgot the time that we currently live in, cause even though they live so close to the school if they cut between house, I would say about a 10 minute walk, they always drive him to the school.  How sad is that.  I really did walk to grade school, about 1 mile or so from home.  My first grade school that I went to was Fairview,  I walked a half a block to the corner, turned right and walked another 4 blocks to this park.  I had to cross a foot bridge over a stream and cross the park, to get to the school.  Maybe 3/4 to mile to this school.

 Now a days, a parent wouldn't let their kid walk alone in the park.  But all the kids did it.  So, this get me thinking about the stories my Mom and Dad would tell all of us kids about the "simpler" times of growing up during the Depression.  Even though both my Dad and Mom were poor, (like everyone else) they never want for anything.  My dad's mom, sewed all of his clothes, how his grandmother would darn socks by putting a used light bulb in the sock to make a heel then darned them, or how my mom would get a quarter to go to the movies on Saturday.  A nickle to ride the bus both ways, 10 cents for the movie and 10 cents for a soda and popcorn, and that was for 2 movies and 2 cartoons.  How both of them slept outside on the porch during the hot summer nights.  How they always had enough to eat.  How my mom would make some money by having a lemonaide stand and my dad would mow lawns.  Simpler times.

But I think one of my favorite stories that my Mom shared with me was when she and my Dad were first married, and her dad, my Grandpa "Swede" and Grandma Mina got the first black and white tv.  The whole extended family would go over to their house on Saturday to watch tv.  The tv was about 13 inches, it only got a few channels and they were fuzzy and filled with lines, but boy oh boy they all thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  How each family would bring a dish to pass and they would all eat outside in the summer or around the dining room table before gathering around this little tv to watch some show.
Simpler times, with family that were filled with laughter and good times.  I really wish the generation today could experience those simpler times of my mom and dad's generation and even those of  my generation.

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